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MWG Mag-Well Grip and Funnel for M16 Variants - CQB Tactical Advantage and Rapid Reload Enhancement

MWG Mag-Well Grip and Funnel for M16 Variants - CQB Tactical Advantage and Rapid Reload Enhancement

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Product Description:

Revolutionize your M16 variant with the MWG Mag-Well Grip and Funnel, a dynamic accessory engineered for superior handling in Close Quarters Battle (CQB) scenarios. This tactical grip seamlessly transforms the Mag well into a close ergonomic foregrip, providing enhanced maneuverability and facilitating quicker, more reliable Mag changes.

Key Features:

  1. CQB Tactical Advantage: The MWG offers a tight and close hold, optimizing speed and maneuverability in CQB situations. Its ergonomic design ensures operators can navigate confined spaces with ease, maintaining a lower signature.

  2. Reduced Feeding Malfunctions: By preventing pressure on the Mag, the MWG reduces feeding-related malfunctions. This ensures the reliability of your Pstl during critical moments, enhancing operational effectiveness.

  3. Flared and Extended Mag Well: Functioning as a flared and extended Mag well, the MWG significantly enhances reload speed. Operators can seamlessly reload, keeping eye contact with the target for increased situational awareness.

  4. Quick and Tool-Free Installation: The MWG is designed for quick and easy installation, requiring no gnsmithing. Enhance your M16 without hassle, and customize your PstlĀ for optimal performance.

  5. Serial Number Window: The incorporated serial number window adds a practical element to the MWG, allowing for easy identification and record-keeping.

  6. Durable Fiberglass Reinforced Polymer: Crafted from lightweight yet durable fiberglass-reinforced polymer, the MWG ensures longevity and resilience under various operational conditions.

  7. Color Options: Available in black, olive drab green, or flat dark earth, the MWG lets you personalize your Pstl'sĀ aesthetics while maintaining a professional and tactical look.


  • Compatible with M16 5.56x45 lower receiver variants lacking a flared Mag well.
  • Not compatible with PMAG-GEN3 Mags.

Ideal for:

  • Tactical Operators
  • Law Enforcement and Military Personnel
  • PstlĀ Enthusiasts Seeking Enhanced Performance

Elevate Your M16's Performance with MWG Mag-Well Grip and Funnel. Maximize your Pstl'sĀ potential with a grip that offers tactical advantages and rapid reload enhancements. Order your MWG today and experience superior handling in CQB situations.

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